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How Much Weight Is It Safe To Lose In A Month?

How Much Weight Is It Safe To Lose In A Month?

Obesity is the root cause for many diseases. It works as the trigger for many life threatening diseases and that is the reason why weight loss has suddenly become the top priority for most of the people globally. Weight loss is important due to health as well as cosmetic reasons and therefore different techniques are being introduced for quick and safe weight loss. Though weight loss is not an overnight change that you can expect, there are methods that would offer you quite speedy results. If you are also targeting weight loss but don’t have patience to wait for months to see the downward change in numbers then aggressive weight loss methods are for you. 

Everybody loves to get the quick results for the efforts they put in and if this is for weight loss then it is really very motivating, but the question that comes to the mind is how much weight would be safe to lose in a month? Such apprehensions are quite normal as weight loss is associated with your health. Here are some key facts about healthy weight loss that would solve all your queries.

How much weight loss is the right weight loss?

Weight loss is for health and should never be achieved at the cost of health. Hence, you should be knowing the right amount of weight that you can lose safely in a month. Weight loss is subjective and would depend on the existing weight of the person and the weight he needs to lose for better health. Those having very high target weight loss would be able to lose more compared to those who are leaner. This is because of the water present in the body. You may come across the standard guidelines for safer weight loss and that says 2 pounds per week is safe but this is based on One-Size-Fits-All concept. The safe weight loss can be anything that comes from the fat store and not from the muscle mass and it would depend on the body composition of the person undergoing the weight loss program. 

Body Composition and its effects on weight loss

While it is important to know the total weight loss required, it is equally important to check the body composition of the person undergoing weight loss. Our bodies are not just made of fats and hence the body weight is also the combined weight of bones, fats, muscles, water, vital fluids, and organs. When the person undergoes weight loss, s/he might lose the weight of water, fat, and sometimes muscles too. The right diet and exercise would flush your body of toxins and may reduce bloating. The initial weight loss would come from water and fat but if you continue with rigorous weight loss routine without having more body fat or water to lose then you may start losing your muscle store. 

Some scientifically designed weight loss programs have come up with results as good as 1 pound per day without affecting the person’s health at all, but again there are many factors guiding this much of weight loss.


How can one lose weight fast without compromising on health? 

Whether you lose 1 pound a week or 1 pound a day, the safe weight to lose would depend on following factors – 

Initial Weight of the Person – The initial weight of the person plays a major role in deciding the safe pace of weight loss. The person having initial weight of 250 pounds will easily lose 1 pound a day as there is lot of water and fat store ready to be mobilized. The BMR of the person having more weight would be higher and hence little control in calorie consumption would reflect as major weight loss. Similarly, if the initial weight of the person is 100 pounds then the rate of weight loss would be very slow as the scope to lose would be less. You can’t lose more weight if your body is not having those extra pounds. If you still try hard then you will end up losing your lean tissues or muscles which won’t be good for your health.

Weight Loss Method – Some weight loss methods are designed scientifically to get the weight loss from the stored fat by mobilizing it. The results are very quick when the stored fat is mobilized. If you are opting to lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia Extract or similar other effective weight loss supplement then the weight loss per month would be more and safe. GCE works on multiple aspects like fat formation, appetite suppression, stress busting, and other issues related to weight gain so as to attack the obesity from all sides. Hence, the results may be more effective and miraculous. While some weight loss techniques work on only one aspect of weight loss, GCE works on all aspects of weight gain and weight loss making weight loss faster, but it would not mean that the weight loss achieved is unsafe. Thus, the safe weight one can lose in one month would also be decided based on the method used for the same. If you achieve higher weight loss by following aggressive diet programs that allow almost nothing to eat but only lemon juice then the weight lost would be unsafe.

From how long are you on weight loss program? – If you have been working towards weight loss from quite some months then the rate of weight loss will decrease and if you still try to push hard then you will end up losing muscle mass. At the initial stage of any weight loss program, your body will respond more causing higher weight loss but it is still safe and you can push yourself harder to get more as what you are losing is fat and water.

Many things together decide the safe weight loss but as studies suggest, any amount of weight loss is a safe weight loss if your body says so. You should not fill tired or may experience unnecessary fatigue while losing the weight. The vital functions of the body like respiration, digestion, sleeping pattern, or activity level may only improve because of weight loss and should not get affected negatively. Listen to your body and if it is happy then the weight you have lost is safe!

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